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Message to people paying:

Preffered method of payment: CASH (contact me via e-mail or phone to meet up) Other acceptable methods of payment: -Twitpay (to @hectorir) -Paypal (which includes credit card or bank account)- Use this link: http://s.hectorir.com/payfortickets -Check (write it out to Hector Alejandro) -Other forms of payment if necessary (I'll consider things like 36 Tacos or 7 $5 Pizzas from Domino's) (j/k) It's your responsibility to make sure I've recived your payment. I'll be updating this list as often as possible: http://s.hectorir.com/haveyoupaid make sure your name gets on it if you want a ticket PLEASE PAY BY SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 2009 (if that date is a problem, let me know) --Call, me if there's an issue (registering for ticket or for payment) 678.905.1187--

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