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Student Ticket Information

As stated on Ramblinwreck.com on 10 July 2009
The football student ticketing article published in the April 17 edition of the Technique.

2009 Georgia Tech Football Student Ticket Policy

The GTAA and SGA have partnered to develop a process that will alleviate confusion and provide a more systematic procedure for student ticketing. The process is being developed with two main tenets: 1) allow all Georgia Tech students equal opportunity to attend every GT home game, and 2) procedural efficiency in order to fill the stands with students wearing White & Gold!

Georgia Tech students must meet one of the following criteria to be eligible to claim/purchase a student ticket for games at Bobby Dodd Stadium:

1.  Must be an enrolled full-time student
2.  Graduate/Intern/Co-Op/Part-Time students must verify Athletic Fee payment through the Bursar's Office

The list of eligible students is provided to the GTAA by GT Registrar. This list is refreshed and uploaded nightly - therefore, students submitting Athletic Fee payment to the Bursar's Office may not register for tickets until the following business day.

  • Students are eligible to receive one (1) ticket to each Georgia Tech home football game
  • A total of 9000 student tickets will be available
Online registration information is located at the bottom of this Student Ticket Policy document. You are encouraged to carefully read the entire document in order to identify which ticket option best suites your needs and to verify all necessary steps for registration!

Go Jackets!

Eligible students have two options for student tickets at Bobby Dodd Stadium:


  • Approximately 6000 reserved season tickets will be available.
  • The cost of a reserved season ticket is $36. See below for payment details.
  • A valid student Buzzcard is all that is required for admittance - there will be no actual ticket.
  • All reserved season tickets will be located in the lower North Endzone between sections 112 & 120.
  • Enter @ Gate 7 (Bobby Dodd Way - Callaway Plaza)
  • Reserved season ticket holders will receive a `seat reservation' card at the beginning of the season that identifies their exact seat location.
  • All reserved season ticket holders MUST select a `Group' upon registration.
  • Payment will only be collected on a group basis (ie - Every group leader will submit 1 payment for the entire group. No payment will be made online individually.)
  • GT students wishing to purchase reserved season tickets have 3 options for group selection
          1)   Register as part of an organizational group - see below for details on group registration and sign-up procedures
    Join The Swarm 
          3)   Register individually and become a `Helluva Student Ticket' group member (details below)
  • Similar to 1st & 10 priority seating in previous seasons, organizations will have the option to register a Group for members to join and receive a reserved seat for the entire season. All groups must be 'pre-registered' prior to any member signing up for the group online. To register, please complete the following information and email to studenttickets@athletics.gatech.edu:

    Group Name:
    Phone Number:
    Estimated Group Size (minimum of 10 members):

    Upon group registration, group leaders will receive a confirmation email with group member registration information, important dates & FAQ's. The last day to register a Group is Friday, August 21st.

    Students who register for reserved season tickets with a registered organizational group are responsible for submitting $36 payment to their group leader. The group leader will then submit 1 payment to the Ticket Office for the entire group at the Group Leader Meeting on September 1st.

  • Group Locations: Organizations will have `right of refusal' to retain the same seats as last season. Relocation requests will be accepted and evaluated based on availability. GTAA reserves the right to relocate groups.
  • A minimum of ten (10) members is required in order to reserve a group. 

  • Helluva Student Ticket Group
    • Reserved season ticket targeted towards students not affiliated with a group organization, yet wishing to purchase a reserved season ticket
    • Lower North Endzone - section 118
    • Payment of $36 is due to the Ticket Office by September 2nd. At this time you will receive your individual seat reservation for the season.

  • Student season tickets will utilize a priority-registration system based on earned credit hours (provided by GT Registrar). The registration timeline is as follows:

      Hours Earned  Online Registration Open    Tickets Available  
    90+Friday, August 14th @ 8:00am~1500
    60+Sunday, August 16th @ 8:00am~1500
    30+Tuesday, August 18th @ 8:00am~1500
    FreshmanThursday, August 20th @ 8:00am  ~1500

  • In cooperation with the Alexander-Tharpe Fund, 1st & 10 Reserved Season Ticket Holders will receive many tangible benefits recognized by the GTAA:       
    1. Reserved Season Ticket for every home game
    2. A-T priority point credit for a $36 donation
    3. A-T priority point for 1-consecutive year donating to the A-T Fund
    4. A-T priority point for 1-consecutive year as a football season ticket holder

  • Single game tickets will be distributed weekly on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Approximately 2500 single game tickets will be available each week. 

    GameStart Date
    Jacksonville StateAugust 30, 2009
    ClemsonSeptember 6, 2009
    North CarolinaSeptember 20, 2009
    Virginia TechOctober 11, 2009
    Wake ForestNovember 1, 2009
    GeorgiaNovember 22, 2009
    All start times are Noon for the days listed.
    Dates and times subject to change.

  • Please note - a student cannot purchase a season ticket and claim a free single game ticket.
  • Students must bring their valid Buzzcard in order to enter the stadium.
  • General Admission sections:
    • South Endzone: Sections 132 - 136
      Enter @ Gate 10 (North Ave & Techwood Dr)
    • Upper East Corner: Section 221
      Enter Gate 8 (Techwood Dr near Glenn Dorm)
Student Guest Tickets
  • If student ticket inventory remains on Wednesday prior to the game, students will have the opportunity to purchase Student Guest tickets based upon availability. If all student tickets are taken in the initial claim period, there will NOT be any Student Guest tickets available for purchase.
  • Guest Tickets cost $25 each (Jacksonville State - $12.50) and are valid for general admission student sections only. Payment will be submitted online via credit card only. The guest pass will be added to your Buzzcard as a second scan. You must enter the stadium with your Guest and a valid Buzzcard.
  • If you are a reserved season ticket holder, your Guest is required to sit in General Admission seating in the south endzone.
  • Each Georgia Tech student will be limited to one guest pass purchase per game. 

    GameStart Date
    Jacksonville StateSeptember 2, 2009
    ClemsonSeptember 9, 2009
    North CarolinaSeptember 23, 2009
    Virginia TechOctober 14, 2009
    Wake ForestNovember 4, 2009
    GeorgiaNovember 25, 2009
    All start times are 8:00 AM for the days listed.
    Dates and times subject to change.


In order to claim or purchase a student football ticket, you must first register your Student ID Number (901xxxxxx) to your Ticket Office account. Please read the following information and regulations carefully.

Students have secure, personal accounts from which to manage their account information and request a ticket. Students can access the online registration page by clicking here.

1)  When accessing the online services for the first time, select the "Register" option. 
2)  Students then enter their Student ID number and click "Activate". Once activated, students must input their personal information, 
      including the email address to use for all future communications regarding football tickets. 
3)  Students who have previously registered their account online can utilize the "Already Registered" link to proceed with their ticket request. 
4)  Select your ticketing choice from the links available:
      (A) 1st & 10 Reserved Season Ticket - $36

•Select your Group under the Group Pull Down Menu
    Select 'Helluva Student Ticket' if you are not affiliated with a pre-loaded group
    Groups can not be changed once submitted! Do not register until you verify which group you intend to sit with for the entire season!
•Enter "1" Order Quantity field •Select Proceed with Checkout •You will receive a confirmation email detailing your ticket request

      (B) Free Single Game Ticket

•Select the available game you will attend
•Enter "1" Order Quantity field
•Select Proceed with Checkout
•You will receive a confirmation email detailing your ticket request

      (C) Guest Pass

•Select the available game to purchase a Guest Pass
•Enter "1" Order Quantity field (maximum of 1 Guest pass per student per game)
•Select Proceed with Checkout
•Enter Credit Card & Billing Information
•You will receive a confirmation email detailing your ticket request

Students with questions or problems with registration are encouraged to email studenttickets@athletics.gatech.edu.
All Athletic Fee payment questions are handled by the GT Bursar's Office.
All Registration information questions are handled by the GT Registrar's Office.