Message to all posted on the Facebook Group:

This year's Georgia Tech football season, the group/block seating will work a little differently than in the past:
1. If you want a guaranteed ticket, it's going to cost you.
2. $36 for the whole season. no individual "guaranteed" tickets will be sold.
3. If you want a season ticket, you HAVE buy it with a group, or you can buy it with the group of people who don't have a group ("The Helluva Student Ticket Group")
4. Seats will be assigned and you will be placed together with your group.
5. The group will pay for their season tickets via the group leader NOT individually.
6. According to the page, SWARM is still an option. I couldn't find more details concerning changes for this season's SWARM organization. (The website links to 2005 procedures)
We'd like to have guaranteed tickets to every home game (especially the one vs. the team wearing red from the northern parts of the state) so we're putting together a group/block and would like you to join us.
Right now all we need to know is WHO is interested. Later we'll probably need your GT ID # or something like that to actually reserve your spot. Eventually we'll need your $36.
We want to submit an early estimate (via e-mail) of how many people will be in the group/block by Monday July 20, 2009.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE BLOCK, JOIN THE GROUP or contact Hector. If you have any questions e-mail: alejandro.hector@gmail.com or call 678-905-1187.

 Invite your Friends! This is an open group, the bigger the group the better!


NEW!  2:00 PM Wednesday September 2, 2009 NEW! 

We now know where our seats are! Check it out HERE.

2:33 PM Tuesday August 18, 2009

Preffered method of payment: CASH (contact me via e-mail or phone to meet up) Other acceptable methods of payment: -Twitpay (to @hectorir) -Paypal (which includes credit card or bank account)- Use this link: http://s.hectorir.com/payfortickets -Check (write it out to Hector Alejandro) -Other forms of payment if necessary (I'll consider things like 36 Tacos or 7 $5 Pizzas from Domino's) (j/k) It's your responsibility to make sure I've recived your payment. I'll be updating this list as often as possible: http://s.hectorir.com/haveyoupaid make sure your name gets on it if you want a ticket PLEASE PAY BY SUNDAY AUGUST 23, 2009 (if that date is a problem, let me know) --Call, me if there's an issue (registering for ticket or for payment) 678.905.1187--

10:02 PM Friday August 14 2009

Group Name: BBack Brigade
Group Password: 108

Registration has begun for Seniors (by credit hours). 
If you have any issues let Hector know.
More information coming soon on how to pay

9:35 PM Monday July 13, 2009

I received a reply today from the GTAA. Below are their answers to my questions. To see the questions scroll down to the previous news update.

1. Groups will be prioritized based on prior season seating location, and then simply 'pieced together' in order to make unique block sizes fit our seating manifest. The credit hour system does not really affect overall group priority. Your group is now 'pre-registered'. Every student that wants to sit in your block must register individually, which is where the credit hour system comes into play.
2. No limit to group size. We just needed an estimate of group size - no need to change your number.
3. In my follow-up email, I will ask you to list a few preferences of seating locations, based on availability.
4. The Swarm website is being revamped currently. You can contact Kevin: kkitchens@athletics.gatech.edu with questions.
5. No - registration done individually online.
6. Not sure - but if you want a group - you will get a group.
7. Cash or check only.

11:50 PM Friday July 10, 2009

An e-mail has been sent asking the following questions:

  1. How will groups be prioritized? Is the credit hour system for the "Helluva Student Ticket" single tickets or for regular groups too?
  2. How large can a group be? Until when can the size of my group change? 
  3. Do I get to pick or choose a preference for the section where the block will be located? 
  4. Some people have asked me about SWARM. The ramblinwreck website points to a 4 year old site. Who can be contacted if you're interested in SWARM?
  5. Will the group leaders  need GT ID #s to fill a group roster? 
  6. How many season tickets do you estimate will be available (outside of SWARM, greek organizations)?
  7. When the group leader pays for the group, is that with cash, buzzcard, or via the online system?

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